We grind acres of wood products year round to make mountains of mulch and hardwood, cedar and red pine bark.  Our state of the art Colorbiotics coloring system enables us to dye the mulch in a variety of colors, including gold, brown, black and red.

Cannonsburg Wood Products manufactures its mulch using a variety of wood sources:

  • Virgin wood from a variety of trees native to Michigan, including cedar, oak, ash, pine, aspen and maple
  • Logs dropped at no charge from tree service companies, the road commission, school and municipality maintenance crews, excavators, landscapers, home builders, neighborhood associations, clean-up crews, our neighbors, and the general public
  • Scrap wood from area manufacturers
  • Recycled wood pallets
  • Truss Companies

Give us a call if you would like to drop off your logs or chips, or inquire about placing a collection container at your work site.


Color Options:

Cannonsburg Wood Products not only manufacturers its mulch, it colors it as well, ensuring consistent color batch after batch.

Available colors include:  Gold Mulch, Brown Mulch, Red Mulch and Black Mulch.

All are available in bulk.

To insure proper use, application, and maintenance of your color-enhanced mulch, view our COLOR ENHANCED MULCH INSTRUCTIONS.

For additional details on colored mulch application and maintenance, READ MORE…