Client Testimonials:

Jon Stotz
Turfs Are Us

“We’ve been working with Cannonsburg Wood Products since we opened our doors in 1995, and they are great to work with – they always provide a quality, consistent product, competitive pricing, and reliable, on time delivery. We wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Jamie Davies
Director of Public Services
City of Rockford
Rockford, Michigan

“The City of Rockford has been working with Cannonsburg Wood Products for years. We use mulch for landscaping, and the Certified virgin playground mix for our parks. The playground mix is excellent because it meshes together and is easy for wheelchairs to roll over – making our playgrounds ADA Compliant and accessible to all. Cannonsburg is super easy to work with – we call at 8 am and they are often delivering by 10 am. We also drop off brush and logs which we collect during our weekly clean ups.”